Closer screen - The Perfect Sunprotection Solution

The Closer screen keeps the fabric restrained in the side channel.

The Closer screen has a clever innovation that restrains the fabric inside the side channels. This innovation gives the user confidence that the fabric will not flap and tear in the breeze.

The bottom rail is able to be locked, in the down position, to stop the bottom rail moving and to give security to the user. A rubber gasket on the lower edge of the bottom rail gives a nice seal. This gasket, combined with the restraining of the fabric in the side channels, helps to minimises the discomfort of insects and bugs. The CLOSER SCREEN has a maximum width of 4800mm and a maximum drop of 3000mm.

This system is ideal for the sides of Verandas, Pergolas and spaces between pillars and walls.

An Optional Internal Gearbox is available for the Closer Screen.