Italia (without head-box) Spring Arm System

The Italia - Spring Arm Awning (without head-box)�

The style of the Italia awning can also be seen without the Full Cassette features.

Using the same spring-loaded arms, and a different bottom rail, the Italia Spring Arm Awning can be manufactured to suit most window sizes.

With arm sizes as small as 600mm, and as large as 1800mm, with a variety of sizes in between, the Italia Spring Arm Awning will meet the demands of the largest windows. Added to these dimensions is the fact the Italia Spring Arm Awning can be manufactured with three or four arms to cater for extra wide windows.

The mounting brackets, and arms are made from aluminium, and are powder-coated to enhance the appearance of the awning, and at the same time afford the owner the knowledge these parts cannot rust.

The Galvanised steel tubing used to store the fabric at the top of the awning, has been specially manufactured for the awnings industry, and thus the coatings on the tubing are designed to provide years of useful service.

The Bottom Rail is made from extruded aluminium and is also powdercoated. The end caps for this section are diecast, and powdercoated for optimum style and appearance.

The Italia Spring Arm Awning can be operated by a conventional crank-handle and gear-box, or motorized to suit your requirements. The motor can be controlled by a wall switch, or by a hand held remote control device.