Pacchetto Patio Belt Drive System

Global Awning Accessories distribute Pacchetto.

The PACCHETTO awning system was developed in Europe specifically to meet the growing demand for alfresco living. With greater demands being placed on our out-door life-style, the PACCHETTO belt driven Patio Awning system lends itself to the further enjoyment of our leisure-time.

The PACCHETTO awning is one of design excellence, incorporating many practical features like the water drainage system, which can deposit the water either over the front of the awning, or to the left side, or to the right side, as the requirement dictates.

The PACCHETTO awning system, utilises a number of fold away pleats, so the winter sun, or summer sun, can be enjoyed simply by retracting the canopy. The pleats are variable in size, and as they are individual pieces of fabric, any damage caused to one panel simply means that panel, and that panel only, is replaced. With a variety of fabrics available for the PACCHETTO, the awning can be made fully water-proof, or can become a retractable sun-shade, as desired - simply by the choice of fabrics.

Size is NOT a problem for the PACCHETTO. Ranging from a small 3 metre Wide PACCHETTO with an off the wall Projection of 3 metres, this is the baby size for this awning. The available published material states sizes up to 18 metres Wide, with a Projection of some 6 metres, all supported by wall fixing on the one end, and front posts on the other.

Pacchettos which are Wider, and with greater Projections than these dimensions are not only possible, but because of the modular nature of PACCHETTO, are definitely feasible.