The Gennius Patio Belt Drive system is a versatile and simple system with several options available:

a: Top Fix brackets
b: Front Gutters and Drains
c: Side Infill (column & wall brackets included)
d: Square Bar fixing
e: Hood Beam

This product uses a Carbon Steel reinforced drive belt, completely enclosed inside the side guides, to drive the crossbars outwards and inwards. For optimum performance from this all weather awning the Gennius is motorized and is controlled with a hand-held remote.

The Gennius can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes, from widths as little as 3 metres and up to 13.5 metres. The standard projection can be as much as 7 metres, but larger projections are available, provided the awning is top fixed.

A variety of fabrics can be used for the pleats including acrylic, PVC coated fabric or screen mesh.

The Hood Beam option covers the retracted section with, preferably, a waterproof fabric that is stretched from a wall attachment to the beam. This provides protection for the crossbars and fabric, from rain and debris, when not in use.

A Side Infill option is available for one or both sides. This enables the attachment of a vertical awning i.e. the Closer or Vertiscreen screen, to provide extra shade and comfort, depending on the fabric chosen.

The Gutter option collects rainwater and drains it away using the post profile as the downpipe. No more concerns about entertaining outside during a rain shower.