Palladio Folding Arm Awning

Palladio - a unique style Semi Cassette Folding Arm System from Europe

The Palladio Folding Arm System is a unique awning to arrive from Europe. With the stylish, deep front bar, the Palladio gives the look of a more expensive, full cassette model awning, but it is in fact a semi cassette model. The difference between a full cassette model (Base Plus, or Armony models) is that whilst the Palladio Folding Arm System retains the fully enclosed cassette for the preservation of the fabric, if viewed from directly beneath the awning, the retractable arms are visible. If viewed from some 4 metres in front of the awning, the Palladio Folding Arm System looks like a full cassette model.

Another of the features of this very stylish folding arm awning is the fully extended roof panel which encloses any gap between the wall and the front of the awning. This single piece integrated roof panel is constructed from extruded aluminium, and is powder-coated to optimize the finish and the look.

This very practical awning is secured to the wall by being mounted on a 40mm square steel bar, which is also powder-coated. This tried and tested method of mounting the awning, also adds rigidity to the whole awning, making it one of the best looking, and best presented awnings on the market today.