GLOBAL 2020 Folding Arm Awning

The GLOBAL 2020 is compact in every sense of the word´┐Ż

The Global 2020 awning offers a full range of arm sizes from 1600mm projection to the massive 4100mm arms, with intermediate arm sizes of 1850mm, 2100mm, 2350mm 2600mm, 2850mm, 3100mm and 3600mm to complete the full range. The width possibilities range from 2010mm to 12 metres.

The Global 2020 Folding Arm Awning is mounted from a powder coated 40mm x 40mm steel square bar adding strength and versatility to your awning. With an end profile of 200mm by 200mm it sits snugly against the wall giving an unobtrusive appearance to the awning.

The pitch of the awning is set during the installation process and has a range between 5 and 60 degrees.

For Awnings over 6 metres wide sit is recommended that they be motorized. If the awning is up to 6 metres wide, an optional extended valance option is also available.