Armony Plus is the top of the range cassette system with a compact design...

The ARMONY PLUS Folding Arm has a Tipping system and New Designed Front Bar that enables a perfect seal of the cassette when it is closed. This provides protection for both the fabric and components from the elements.

The standard colour for ARMONY PLUS is White, but other personally selected powder coat colours are available, at an extra cost.

A Hood is available to prevent water and debris accumulating behind the cassette.

ARMONY PLUS can be built as small as 2080mm wide, with a projection of 1600mm. The largest ARMONY PLUS will span some 7 metres in width with a maximum projection of 3600mm.

Manual gear-box operation is the standard for the ARMONY PLUS, but most clients prefer the motorized option with a remote control, or wall switch.

With a range of arm sizes (1600mm, 1850mm, 2100mm, 2350mm, 2600mm, 2850mm, 3100mm and 3600mm) the ARMONY PLUS full cassette model combines classic lines with functionality, to provide the ultimate in sun-protection.

The pitch adjustment on the ARMONY PLUS models is set at installation and is usually some 15 degrees off the horizontal. Flat installations are NOT recommended.